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Global Cocoa Chocolate Processing Machinery and Equipment

Robust, Reliable and Professional
Chocolate Production Machines and Lines You Can Use for Years

Our machines are unparalleled in terms of quality, which ensures optimal performance and efficiency in your production lines. Our experience in the food industry can streamline your production and significantly reduce your costs, giving you an advantage over your competitors.


High Quality and Efficiency

At Orpima, we offer a wide range of machines equipped with new technologies that respond to the safety, quality and performance requirements of the chocolate market.

Design Expertise

We want to be your new solution partner with our experienced technical team that can use traditional experience and new generation production technologies together and help you realize your vision.

Turnkey Projects

With all the machinery and equipment required for your business, we take your needs into account and prepare turnkey projects for our valued customers.

Orpima is a leading company that designs, develops and manufactures technologies such as multiple chocolate rollers, chocolate and cream thinning machines, horizontal and vertical crusher mills, fat-chocolate melting machines, exchangers, conveyors, silos, stock and service tanks, chocolate tempering machines.

More than three decades of experience enables Orpima to produce high-tech cocoa chocolate processing machinery and equipment, as well as to design and manufacture machinery for the new needs of its customers.


Our food processing machines comply with all international standards.

A to Z Chocolate Production Facility Establishment
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